Wednesday, August 02, 2006

On the Road to Woodstock -part eighteen

As Sherry and I caressed each other's hands, she pressed her head against mine. Her scalp felt warm and soft, and I couldn't resist rubbing my head against hers. I took a deep breath and exhaled. When I saw my breath, I realized that the air had turned cool against my skin. Just then I recognized the echo of music that came from over the Hill; it was Country Joe and the Fish doing their Fixin’- to-Die-Rag, the song that John and I had been singing along with earlier that day. Only this time it was live! Excitement surged through me.

"John, do you hear that?" I asked him. There were a few moments of silence, and I wondered if I had actually said the words or just thought I had. Then I heard him answer.

"Yeah, man." There was a long pause, and as if he were reading my mind he said, "Let's go and listen to the music."

"Yeah," I said, "okay." I heard some rustling, and then I felt Linda's hand loosen its grip from mine. I looked over and saw that she was starting to stand up. Sherry remained still, and even though I wanted to get up, I didn't want to let go of Sherry's hand, so I lay there.

Suddenly John's figure was looming over me, and he looked down at me. He seemed as if he were ten feet tall.

"Are you coming?" he asked me.

"Yeah..." I said. I pushed up with my free hand and got on my knees. I was afraid to let go of Sherry's hand for fear I would not get it back again. I looked down at her, and her eyes were wide open staring at the sky. Her mouth was slightly open, and she looked like how I felt--tripping like crazy.

I pulled on her arm a little. "Sherry," I said to her," do you want to go listen to some music?"

She turned her head slowly towards me and smiled. "Yeah, that would be cool" she said, but after a few moments she still lay there.

"Well come on then," John said to her.

"Come on Sherry," I said. She reached her free hand into the air, and John grabbed hold of it. He began to help her up, and I stood up and pulled her up by her other hand. Linda took hold of John's other hand so that each of us the hand of another, and we began to march towards the hill in formation, me on one end, Linda on the other, and Sherry and John in the middle.

As we neared the road, Sherry said, "This is some really good shit." She sounded as if she was really out there.

"Yeah," I agreed. I was out there, too.

"Yes," said Linda.

"It sure the fuck is," John said very slowly.

I was seeing colored patterns so thick that they seemed like fog. As I walked, it felt as if my feet were lifting high up in the air. I looked over at Sherry, and her hair glowed golden with a purple aura. She looked towards me with a sly grin as if she knew exactly how I felt.

"We need to go back and get some blankets," Linda said.

That sounded like a good idea to me, as the nights got cold up here in the mountains, I had come to know much to my dismay. It was already getting chilly, and it was only nine o'clock.

We attempted to turn around while still holding hands, which was interesting for we all had to make a big circle and stretch back out again so that we were facing the opposite direction. It was awkward to the point of being funny, and Sherry was the first one to start to giggle, which led to giggling and laughing between the four of us.

We giggled our way back to the tent whereupon Linda detached herself from the rest of us and gathered up three blankets from within the tent. John let go of Sherry's hand and helped Linda with the blankets. He handed one to me to carry, and he and Linda carried the other two.

We headed back the way we had just come, this time as couples with John and Linda holding hands and carrying blankets, and Sherry and me holding hands. We made it back to the road and turned left towards the stage rather than go up the back way and through the mud.

Sherry looked at me and smiled. "I'm glad I met you," she said.

"Me, too," I told her with a big grin on my face. She opened her fingers and slipped them through mine so that they were intertwined and squeezed hard. It felt quite sensual us holding hands like that, and a tingling feeling ran all through my body.

John and Linda walked ahead of us, and they seem to be in conversation while looking all around. I found myself looking all around as well for there was so much more to see as I looked through acid eyes. Sherry was taking in the sights all wide-eyed like me, and we were as two sightseers walking down Woodstock Lane.

We all made it to a path that led up along the side of the hill that faced the stage, and Sherry and I followed John and Linda up the grade as we looked for a spot to sit. It was very crowded, and it wasn't until we were at the top of the hill that we found a place to lay a blanket down.

We sat down, the four of us, and John and Linda pulled a blanket around themselves and cuddled up together. I opened up the blanket I had and handed Sherry one end of it, and we pulled the blanket around ourselves and got close.

After a little awkwardness, I found Sherry's hand, and she pulled my hand to her lap. I felt as if my hand was only inches from her groin, and the idea of that excited me to the point of arousal. She scooted closer to me so that our bodies were touching from shoulders to knees, and she leaned her head over so that it touched mine. As there was no band playing at the moment, I closed my eyes and pressed my head against hers, and as we sat there quietly close to one another, I entered a state of blissful contentment intermingled with hormonal excitement.


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